snapshots and observations

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

out of focus auction girl

can a photo that is out of focus ever be any good ?

yeah... i think so.

the other night at the charity print auction, while i was talking to garth
a girl came out of the crowd, dressed all in purple, and walked past us.
she looked kind of stunning and was certainly dressed up more than most people there.
so without looking properly i pointed my camera, which was by my side,
in her direction and took one frame before she disappeared into the office.

this is the photo that i took.

i don't have a shot of her in focus to compare it with but to be honest i 
really like this frame for being out of focus.


  1. i like this - it works well.

    quick question from us amateurs - do you tend to use autofocus on your camera or do you always focus manually?

  2. manual focus with my leica m9
    auto focus with the others except when i'm shooting food.