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Thursday, 21 June 2012

new kit ( for china )

did i mention that i'm going to china for a shoot ?

the way this blog is going at the moment, with the backlog of posts, the
chances are i'll be over there when this publishes.

obviously i'll be shooting with my leica m9 in china but i thought i should
upgrade my back-up camera... my snapshot camera if you like.

so, a few days ago this turned up at whitfield towers.
a lumix gx1
it's pretty much the same as my gf1 but with a few improvements.
i'm not going to go into them here, there are lots of posts online about
the differences between the two cameras. the general opinion is that if you 
had a gf1 and you want to get something similar but better, then the gx1
is the way to go. not the gf3, the g3 or any olympus or fuji nonsense.
just the gx1.

obviously i had to buy an evf to go with it... 
this is the new improved evf from panasonic. the lvf2

slide it onto the gx1 and this is how we are looking so far
the evf looks crazy big doesn't it ?

i treated myself to a new lens while i was shopping for the gx1
this is quality. a leica 45mm macro lens.

on the gx1 it looks like this
and is transformed from a 45mm to a 90mm macro.
genius !

one last thing to do... attach a strap.
i shunned the effort which came with the gx1 and instead i dropped the dspatch
heavy duty camo strap onto it.

so now i'm good to go... in fact i've probably gone.

to see some photos taken by this bad boy in china, stay tuned.

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