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Monday, 18 June 2012

spare photos

bear with me if my blog is a bit different for the next 5 or 6 days.
by the time this post drops i will be in the sky somewhere, heading to china.

that's right, i have a shoot in shanghai this week. i leave on monday and i'm
back on saturday. so what i'll try to do is line up a load of blog posts to drop
each morning while i'm away. starting with this post of spare pics.

 here are a few photos i've got kicking around in my blog folder
that i couldn't find space for in previous posts.

a corking jacket from the tom sachs space program at 1948. the details are fantastic

this leather board with illustrations of knots is also the backpiece in the
tote-bag when it converts to a backpack.

here's the tote-bag. it's slightly translucent and you can see that inside it is a length
of rope. it also has useful tools attached to the ends of parachute cords on all the zippers.

this is a little container which can be used to store a triple 'a' battery
or perhaps some tablets. ibuprofen anybody ? vicodin ?
er... tic-tacs ?

a shot of my flat-white at workshop coffee in w1 when i was there with alan batter.

some logs

a dog

a lampshade made from wood.

some sort of insect thing, which i didn't like the look of.
red for danger, right ?

an old bath with dodgy plumbing in an arch near king's cross.

some sort of flowers in a pub in wiltshire


it's all about wood.

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