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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

tom sachs mars yard shoes

sorry for the delay in showing these bad boys.
as you may remember, i bought these the day they dropped maybe 3 weeks ago.

for some reason ( work getting in my way ) it just took me a long time
to get around to photographing them.

anyway, here they are in 22 shots.

the box is genius.
the whole collection is almost more art than functional footwear / clothing
and the box is very nicely put together. it looks like a plain brown cardboard box
which has been scribbled on with a felt tip pen and had it's corners reinforced
with silver gaffa tape.

there is a decent gaffa tape / velcro fastening device which is stitched to the box with...
... red thread.

 the box label continues with the hand drawn theme rather than the standard nike
printed label.

open up the box and you see that it's a standard nike box turned inside out.
( i did this years ago with my sb boxes, so the woodgrain is on the outside )

in the box, a corking tote bag. it's made out of an almost tear-proof material.
i don't know what it's called but it feels like plastic. it looks flimsy but it's actually
a really good strong bag.

naturally these bad boys aren't packed with the normal tissue paper that
comes with most nike shoes.

the paper here has a map of our solar system, a list of fractions and
some illustrations for how to do some knots.

another thing in the box, a little book.

explaining all about nikecraft

with some decent photos

and illustrations

also included in the box... tom sachs space socks.
no word of a lie, these are the best socks i've ever tried on. 
they're really padded and they're what you'd imagine space socks to feel like.

nice hand stitched labels on the tops of the socks too.

this is a cord which comes attached to one of the shoes.
on it is a sample of each of the 12 materials used in the construction of the
mars yard shoes

at last. pic 15. the tom sachs mars yard shoes.

sure, they're kind of odd looking, but i think they're comfortable and they 
are very light too.

there's a story about the foam sole. something along the lines of it being from a nike prototype boot. 

the laces are from parachute cords, the leather is absolutely beautiful and the
other main material used is vectran, which is spun from a liquid crystal polymer 
and is 5 times stronger than steel, yet  is lightweight and breathable.

do you like the way the tongue is badly finished ?
that's art that is.

oh, nice extra long tongue tabs by the way.

once again, more hand-made labels instead of the usual nike printed stuff.

the shoes come fitted with mesh sock liners. each sock liner has different
printed material on it.

oh, nice extra long heel tabs by the way.

but if a mesh sockliner isn't your style, then why not swap them over ?
for included in the package are a pair of leather sock liners !
both sets of sock liners have built-in air bubbles and have lots of 'useful'
stuff printed onto them in a hand-written style.

all in all these are a great addition to my crate. i was in two minds at first,
wondering if i should wear them or keep them as art. 
i decided to wear them.

anyway, i hope you like the post and the photos, even if you don't like the 

i'm hoping that the next heat i manage to buy is a pair of air yeezy 2's
but as bad twin would say...

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  1. I absolutely love these. By far the best pair you have shown. Details are amazing, loving everything from the box to the laces. The red thread is amazing and the inside out box is inspired. Finally a true bit of art with thought and details thrown in. The socks look incredible too.