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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

iphone photos before i left for shanghai

i think that it's probably going to be iphone pics for the next few days.
probably just one post per day too.

here are a few from just before i left for shanghai.

two days before my flight, i started to think about what kicks to take.
i felt i should go with some chinese year of... af-1's.

in the end, i decided against taking my year of the rabbit af-1's
and opted for these bad boys... the year of the dog.

the day before i left, i picked up this must-have from bape.

it would have been a schoolboy error to put this in my camera bag.
you know, with my carry-on luggage... i've lost a couple of swiss army knives
in the past that way, so this little fella stayed in n7.

after the success at bape, i sneaked over to foxcroft and ginger for a flat white.
it's controversial serving a flat white in a teacup, but i think it works.

this is how i packed. my burton snowboarding bag looks pretty full, 
yet somehow i managed to come home a week later with two extra pairs
of kicks in there, one of them still boxed.

waiting for my sherbert to turn up at whitfield towers.

my last decent drink and bite to eat before a 12 hour flight.
a flat white and a breakfast pot at eat, terminal 5.

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