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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

day 1 in shanghai ( iphone pics )

once again, just one post today and excuse the quality... they are all iphone pics.

i took this sitting down out of the way while the adults checked the team
 in at the puli hotel shanghai.

waiting for the hotel worker to struggle with my burton bag, i took this 
snap of the entry hall part of my room.

i only shoot black and white pics with the front camera on my iphone.
this is me going down to the lobby 30 minutes after checking in.
i was happy with the clothes i took over with me, but not with the hair
product. my barnet had a nightmare the whole time i was in china.
grrr !

my starbucks boycott is still going strong. i reckon it was july 2010
that i last gave them some of my money.

well... having said that, i do occasionally turn a blind eye to my boycott
when i'm out of the country. i definitely had a starbucks at bangkok
airport in january and also i think in koh samui a year or so ago.

on this occasion the team walked straight past starbucks, shunning it for...

no, we didn't go into the happy lemon i'm afraid...
we actually settled down for coffee at costa !
it was the worst coffee i'd had in a preston guild !

moral of the story is ( i reckon ) when you're out of the country, try a local
place rather than sticking to places we have in england.

this is a still from a video i shot with my iphone.
a panoramic sweep across the shanghai skyline.
i was on the balcony of a restaurant here.
the restaurant was called "mr and mrs bund" and the food the team had
there was off the scale.

having not slept at all on the 12 hour flight, then gone straight to work 
30 minutes after checking in at the hotel. shooting all day then going out for 
an evening meal, i was absolutely shattered. 
i should have slept like a log.

instead, after maybe 2 hours sleep, i woke up wide awake. it was 2.45am.

i switched on the telly and...

started watching england v ukraine.
it was a pretty shoddy game eh ?

the only talking point was...

taking a break from his busy off the field schedule,
all round good guy john terry made a great goal-line clearance.

the chinese soccer experts had a good old laugh about it after the game.

they found it more amusing than the ukraine team did anyway.

you'd think that after watching such a dreary 90 minutes of football i would have
slept like a baby...

... wrong !


  1. Christian Trippe27 June 2012 at 09:22

    I feel the same about Starbucks… although when we passed the Starbucks in Harajuku I had to check it out.

  2. i meant to try hiroshi's starbucks b-side but it was absolutely pouring down when i was in harajuku.
    instead i stayed sheltering from the rain in omotesando koffee.