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Friday, 29 June 2012

last iphone pics

ok, i'm nearly there. nearly on top of my editing and normal blogging
with proper photos should resume tomorrow.

but for today, let me bore you with the remaining iphone shots i took
last week in shanghai, nanjing, hangzhou and... heathrow.

i love hotel corridors.
( in fact i think i just love corridors )

i also love packaging. i like good packaging and labels but i especially like
seeing how companies outside of the uk package up ordinary things.
this is just a cheap-ass bottle of water, but it's a really nice label isn't it ?

a sign in a public bathroom in hangzhou

phew !


self-portrait in a lift at the puli hotel.
this was heading down to the 2nd floor at my favourite time of day...
... breakfast time.

the breakfast coffee at the puli was the one let-down.
still, i always had a good view of people in the park doing tai chi
at 6.30am, plus there was a nespresso machine in my room so i
can't complain

i would get my 5-a-day in one hit at breakfast time.

1. a ham and cheese omelette with hash browns ( not pictured )
2. pineapple
3. orange
4. raspberry danish
5. custard filled doughnut

this is the scene after a team lunch.
is it just me or is it easy to tell where i sat ?

it's a long story, and one i'll tell next week with proper photos, but i was given 
a pair of the new nike af-1 year of the dragon editions a day before they officially
released. i have to thank rocky for these and i'll do that properly next week too.

it was time to pack my bags to fly home.
here are a few bags i had to leave behind.

and here's how my luggage looked at 1.30am when i finally finished packing.

at 1.45am it was time for a relaxing bath overlooking shanghai, listening to
a jay and silent bob get old podcast while drinking beer and eating crisps.

getting the bullet train to shanghai's airport was pretty much like getting the train to heathrow or gatwick...

... ok, maybe this train went a little bit faster.

we landed a bit early at t5, whizzed through passport control, my bags were almost
the first on the belt, then i got a call that my sherbert was going to be 30 minutes late.

only one thing for it... to kill the time i bowled it straight to costa and 
treated myself to a flat white.

the end.

normal service will resume tomorrow !

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