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Saturday, 9 June 2012

clerkenwell design week

a few days ago i took a look at some of the nonsense on show at
clerkenwell design week.
i don't know much about cars, i think i may have mentioned that
in previous posts, so i had to google this thing that i saw in amongst the 
furniture and lighting at the farmiloe building...
it's a jaguar c-x16 concept car

but it's not the real thing, it's just a model made out of clay and stuff
i don't know the full story but from what i could see, half the car looked ok
and some bloke was working on the other half.
sometimes he'd rope in a member of public to have a go shaping the clay too.

here's a look at the thing from behind
with some tools of the trade

and again
i guess they just pile the clay onto the polystyrene and then shape it into a nice car.

what do i know ?
anyway, here's the bloke hard at work shaving the clay to make it car shaped.
i won't lie. i was more interested in the furniture and lighting than this car
but fair play to them, it was a pretty decent bit of modelling.

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