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Thursday, 28 June 2012

next day iphone pics

normal blogging will be resumed next week.

all i have time to offer you today are some iphone shots from my 
second day in china last week.

i had 20 minutes to grab some breakfast and i absolutely filled my boots.
what you're looking at here is a ham and cheese omelette with a side portion of
hash browns.
i followed it up with a blueberry smoothie, raspberry danish and a doughnut...

what ?

it was a hot and humid day. i teamed up some green bape camo cargo shorts
with a lightweight stüssy x hanes tee.

looking out of the window of the team bus as we crawled through the shanghai
traffic, i was pleased to see a familiar face looking out at me.

more familiar faces on the pepsi bottles in a motorway service station.
did i bring some of these home with me ?
what do you think ?

i shot this through the bus window too. fair play to this bloke
working away in the heat.

i won't lie.
i didn't have much to eat at lunchtime.

"chef" my back seat companion on the tour bus wasted no time in catching some
z's on the 3 and a half hour drive back to shanghai from the day's shoot.
this photo really needs audio to accompany it !

it was a long day. i think we left the hotel at 7am
( this was after sleeping for only 3 hours the night before )
we spent over 7 hours in the team bus and spent the rest of the time
shooting in crazy heat. i think it was about 11pm when we got back to the hotel.
there was only one thing on my mind when food was mentioned...
room service !

it's a bad angle for the burger, it was a really big, chunky thing and absolutely
hit the spot. the chips were decent too but i've no idea what the story was with
the little bowl of green things.

there was complimentary beer in my mini-bar.

good night !

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