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Sunday, 24 June 2012


i have two pairs of bapestas which i think i've shown already on my blog.
one pair is purple / grey / green
the others are white / brown / yellow.

today let me show you my two pairs of roadstas.
i bought these after i retired my kaws x bapestas which were in the same colourway.
they are very, very comfortable and a few years ago i wore these while i was in new york
and i walked for miles and miles in them. my dogs didn't bark once.

these i bought to replace a pair of fake bapestas la niƱa brought me back from 
her school trip to china a few years ago, which were in the same colourway.

i have only worn these twice. when i tried them on to take this photo it was like
stepping into a warm bath after a long run... these are sooooo comfortable.

right, that does it... i'm going to put my bape shoes on rotation now.

i need comfort as well as heat.

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