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Friday, 22 June 2012

nike lunar flyknit htm nrg

a few days after the marc jacobs x vans sk8r hi's turned up at whitfield towers.
( which was a few days after the tom sachs mars yard shoes )
this box arrived.
what the what ?!
that's three pairs on the bounce that haven't been af-1's

coincidentally, the little sticker on the box...
... has exactly the same facial expression as me when i saw the state of the queue
for yeezy wristbands outside 1948 the other week !
grrr !

ok, the reveal
don't panic. there's another shoe in there somewhere.

there you go
these are funny to be honest. like the tom sachs yard shoes you really
have to see these in real life to appreciate the genius of them.
you also need to feel them in your hands... they are probably the lightest
sneaks in my crate. possibly even lighter than my mayflys.

the soles are hi-vis yellow
and are made out of a really lightweight material.

brs 1000 ?
i've no idea
i just checked and brs 1000 is a special material designed by nike.
a rubber with a high carbon content to improve durability.

the flyknit construction is pretty amazing
the whole shoe is made out of one piece of material.
as the name suggests, it's a knitted material... a bit like something my nan
would have made if she worked for nike instead of making cardigans
which didn't fit me properly.

the swoosh is just painted on i guess
no metal eyelets or anything extra that would add weight to these bad boys.
seriously, when the box arrived and i picked it up, i thought i'd been stitched
up and been sold an empty shoe box !

they do have little heel tab things
which have a 3m coating on them, which is good for when i'm
running at night time...
what ?

nothing special with the insoles
though surely the ink used on that logo has added a little unnecessary weight
to the shoes ?

the htm in the title of the shoes ?
htm are the initials of the three designers of the shoe.
hiroshi fujiwara, tinker hatfield and mark parker.

only 100 pairs of these were made. 100 world wide !
only 14 pairs were released in the uk.


if you want to know more, why not take a little look at this short video
which explains about the flyknits properly.

and if you're really interested, type 'nike flyknit' into ebay !


  1. I love these. I always admire your trainers/sneakers/heat (delete as applicable) but I love the simplicity of these. So that's two pairs I like now.