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Wednesday, 19 September 2012


one of my favourite buses is the 17.

it takes me from whitfield towers to either chancery lane or theobalds road.
either of those places are right next to cracking coffee shops and a 10 minute
walk into the west end.

ordinarily i take the bad-boys seat right at the back of the top deck.
from there i can see the other passengers, do a bit of people watching,
take photos and what not.

usually the previous passengers leave stuff behind on the seats or floor
and i'm thinking of making a little documentary of what they leave.

it will of course mainly be a documentary of fried chicken boxes but the
other day i saw these two cans on the seat in front of me.
there has to be a story about whoever left these behind.
was it one confused person or two different people ?

maybe more to come... maybe

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