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Monday, 24 September 2012

r-1 and r-2

this is a few weeks back now.

before i went to beijing, r-1 and r-2 popped over to whitfield towers
to say hello and of course to pose for a few photos.

naturally enough i insisted on getting in on a few shots.

me with r-1
good work from r-1 here. it's all about the misery

me with r-2
perhaps r-2 is looking for help here... how to look miserable for the camera.

me with r-1 and r-2
she couldn't hack it though... 
i just think she's too japanese for the serious pose thing. 

still, at least she didn't make the peace sign with her fingers so that's a start.

good to see you r-1 and r-2.

until next time.

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