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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

chinese food ( iphone pics )

after getting back to the hotel a bit late from the great wall of china
the team had a quick turnaround then off out for a meal.

it was a big meal. lots and lots of food.

here are four choice parts of the meal.

this was the first part of the meal.
the thing in the martini glass was jellyfish.
it caused me to swear outloud in spanish when i tasted it.
i don't recommend it.

this was some sort of soup and the thing in it was called maybe lion's brain
or cod's brain... i can't remember exactly.
to be honest it was ok and i ate quite a bit of it.
i wonder what it actually was ?

this was beef.
i knew this was good because i watched them cook it when i was in the kitchen 
taking photos. obviously i left the green stuff but i ate all the meat.
oh and the little pellet looking thing...
it was a chip !

dessert time.
the stuff on the right looked nice. it was bright yellow so i thought it might be 
lemon-y and zesty. however it tasted of nothing much.
the white stuff which was served warm in a pastry cup...
i really liked it. it tasted a bit like rice pudding and i ate it all in record time.

then i got told what it actually was !

any guesses ?

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