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Saturday, 29 September 2012

holiday shoes ( iphone pics )

as my o.c.d. gets worse ( or is it better ? )
i find my ability to pack a suitcase or bag gets better ( or even better )

for a week in capri i took just one piece of hand baggage.

a week away and only one piece of hand baggage meant i would 
have to think long and hard about footwear.

in the end, though it hurt me not to take a pair of af-1's, i settled
on just two pairs of shoes

fast becoming my 'resort wear' shoes of choice
( see my trip to thailand back in january )
adidas x colette century lows... nice and white but with a bit of style
and rare enough that they come with a 99% assurance that nobody else 
in capri will have a pair.

a last minute decision. i was given these just hours before i headed off.
100 club x converse special editions.

i wanted to take a pair of black shoes, plus they had to be light and squashable
if you know what i mean ?
these looked nicely smart enough ( they are pretty much just plain black )
but they have nice little details like the black on black 100's on the canvas
and the red 100 club tongue tabs.

i was also pretty sure that nobody else on capri would be sporting these.

are you bored enough now ?
maybe tomorrow i'll show you the contents of the bag i'd take down to the 
swimming pool every day ?

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