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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

excuse me, can you tell me where the nike store is please ?

ok, maybe this is one of those "you had to be there" stories...

i was told that there was a big nike store near my hotel in beijing
so i headed out on the first evening in the general direction of the big shops.
the usual suspects were there... a uniqlo the size of buckingham palace,
a big-ass adidas originals store, chanel, mcqueen all the top names but i 
couldn't spot the niketown. 

i did however see a massive apple store so i ducked in to use the wifi
( and to enjoy the air con )

after a minute i went up to one of the staff and asked the question which is
the subject of this post...

the bloke smiled, pointed out of one of the windows and said...
" it's there"

and lo... right next door to the apple store was a massive, really massive niketown.
if i'd have walked on for another five steps instead of ducking into the side 
door of the apple store i would have seen it.

oh well... perhaps you had to be there ?
( one of the window displays at nike beijing )

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