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Sunday, 30 September 2012

mr bacon ( iphone pics )

did i ever tell you that i bought my first pair of spectacles back in 1998 ?

did i ever tell you that i first started needing to wear spectacles in 2008 ?

the thing is / was that i do like spectacles very much and although there's 
not much wrong with my mince pies, i have three pairs.

1. the stüssy ( michael ) pair i bought in new york in 1998
 2. a pair of tom ford ( cary ) that i bought off ebay in 2009
    3. the stüssy ( mr bacon ) frames i bought in japan in march 

i took the mr bacon stüssy specs to capri with me.
i bought these for two reasons.
1. they look very japanese
2. i love the name mr. bacon

oh... they look pretty decent too
and enable me to see close-up.

( oh and they also helped me to knock out a cheap blog post on the road to 1000 )

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