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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

aape coin purse

do you know about the new diffusion line of clothing / accessories from
my favourite japanese brand a bathing ape ?

it goes by the slightly odd name "aape"

you may have noticed i mentioned it in the post of shame a little while ago.

anyway, when i was in beijing a few weeks back, i made a sneaky aape purchase 

it's a coin purse

as ever with bape products, the quality is spot-on.
it's made from a decent material and the zip has a padded tag attached
though i'm not sure about the name, i do like the aape logo
and also the fact that the clothes and accessories are all a lot cheaper
than standard bape releases yet seem to be just as well made.

here's a shot of inside the coin purse
hmmm... maybe you can't see here but the inside has a little pocket
as well as the aape logo tag.

all in all, this is a cracking little purchase. i might keep it in my camera bag
with a few essentials inside it. or maybe in my jam jar with a load of pound coins.

if you type in aape on ebay you will be sure to find these available.

would i recommend you buy one ?

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