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Saturday, 22 September 2012


rewind a few weeks to when i was on a shoot in beijing.

on the final evening i went out shopping for trainers and ladies bags
with the boss's boss.

it was hot in beijing and shopping was thirsty business so we went off
to find a place where a couple of gentlemen such as us could grab a cold beer.

the nearest place that fitted the bill was called hooters.

i think it must have been happy hour or something because a minute after
we sat down and started drinking, one of the girls came over to our table
( it wasn't exactly packed as you can see )

and started dancing
i raised my bottle in her direction to toast the end of our working week.

i like the uniforms at hooters by the way
well you know how much i like the colour orange right ?

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  1. Did the chinese girls have any hooters? :-)