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Sunday, 9 September 2012

packing for china ( iphone pic )

this blog is going to be a bit disjointed for a week or so.

it's now getting to be almost time for me to head off to italy for a week
and i need to get some cheap posts together to publish while i'm away.

so the photos and words for the next 8 days or so might be a bit out of 
order... a bit jumbled up. some stuff from my week in china, some stuff
from a week later in london.

please bear with me for a while.
( oh most of the posts will be iphone pics too )

ok, let's rewind a couple of weeks...

this is an iphone shot of me selecting trainers to take to china
nike flyknit htm's and nike flyknit wovens

the reasoning ?
the htm's are the lightest most comfortable shoes i have, so i thought they'd
be perfect. also they hadn't been released in china so i thought i might get 
a few looks and nods while sporting them.

the flyknit wovens are also really comfortable but also a bit solid and good
for walking and scrambling around. i was told we would be doing some stuff on the 
great wall of china and to bring something solid for climbing and walking.
in hindsight, the flyknit wovens were absolutely spot-on.

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