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Friday, 28 September 2012

first thing i ate in italy ( iphone pic )

at naples i had to wait for an hour for the boat to capri to turn up.

i passed the time by sitting at a nearby cafe and doing a bit of people watching.

there was a footy match in naples later that day so i had a great time watching the
italian footy fans. also the place was full of tourists waiting for various boats and ferries
to capri so the hour passed pretty quickly.

i also tucked in to my first bit of italian food.

i can't remember what it was called but maybe it was a panini napolitana ?

as you can imagine, it was the panini on offer that had the highest content
of meat and cheese, yet contained no vegetables.

it was also too hot to hold unless i'd brought along my bape asbestos
panini gauntlets... which i hadn't.

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