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Thursday, 13 September 2012

iphone pics near the hotel

on the last evening in beijing we walked to a local restaurant.

it took maybe 10 minutes to get there though i'm pretty sure our driver 
could have got us there in an hour or so.

crossing the roads in beijing ( and shanghai for that matter ) is quite
an ordeal. for one thing the cars pay little attention to red lights
or to it being a green light for pedestrians.
also there are loads of motorbikes and pushbikes which just carry on
and i guess it's up to pedestrians to jump out of the way.

i was nearly run over at one crossing by a pushbike thing which i'm pretty
sure was a little bit overloaded...
grrr !

this was taken in one of the back streets behind our hotel
which becomes a bustling night food market as it gets dark.

oh... i forgot to mention one of the main looks in both shanghai and beijing...
the crop-top.

seriously, it's everywhere... blokes just roll up their t-shirts and let it all hang out.

it's a strong look and one to look out for in the future.

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