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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

the team bus ( iphone photos )

i was in beijing with a team...
it was a little bit like the a-team i guess.
or maybe like entourage... or the magnificent seven.

what i mean is, we all had our roles.

the team was:
the driver
the photographer
the writer
the chef
the boss
the boss's boss

and we travelled around in a team bus.

here are a few iphone photos i took while travelling around china.
in some of the shots the driver wasn't going the wrong way
( but that's another story )

one of the first things i noticed was that the roads around beijing still
had the markings on them from when they were olympic lanes...
4 years ago.

do not drive tiredly.

hmmm... i think our driver must have been blinking whenever this sign
came along.

he wasn't the only one.
i've got to say, during the trips to shanghai a couple of months ago and
to beijing the other week, i have never seen such scant regard for the rules
of the road.

and you've got to have rules right ?
because if we didn't have rules, where would we be ?

there's our driver.
it's hard to tell from here but he is parked right on the corner of a busy
junction. this was during one of the many times he got lost.

he would park up in a dangerous place and go walkabout to ask people for directions.

the journeys were long ones due to the driver's skills.
some team members would nod off... others would take photos.

once again it's hard to tell here but this is an example of ignoring the rules.
red lights and zebra crossings mean nothing to the drivers of beiing.

i knew we were almost home when we would drive past a few bars lit with bright signs.
these were just around the corner from the opposite house.
through one of the windows here you can just about see a girl dancing.
( funnily enough, even though this was maybe 100 yards from our hotel and
he'd done the trip maybe 6 times already, the driver still managed to get lost )

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