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Thursday, 13 September 2012

kfc... the life saver ( iphone pics )

have you ever heard of kfc being called a life saver ?

it sounds dramatic but honestly, hand on heart this stop off at a branch of kfc
somewhere near beijing i truly believe helped save lives.

i won't tell the story here but if you want to buy me a flat white then i'll
sit with you and relate the full story.

anyway, let's not dwell on the near death experience, let's have a look
at what i had to eat at kfc...

what the what ?!
kfc starfish !
yes these were mine. 
i opted for two starfish, small chips and a black coffee.

this was the scene the team left behind at kfc
then with heavy hearts we got back on board the team bus.
actually before we got back on the bus i went to the gents where...

... no, that's another story altogether.

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