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Monday, 24 September 2012

the opposite house ( girl's uniforms )

the other day i showed you a little bit of the boy's uniforms at the
opposite house in beijing.
today i have a couple of photos of the girls.

maybe i need to show you photos of the hotel first ?
this big wall made from drawers and perspex, divides the lobby of
the opposite house. on one side is a lounge / check in area while on the other is
a bar, the lifts, art installations and a restaurant.

anyway, as you can see, the girls are a little smarter than the boys but still
nicely casual.

check in and check out at the opposite house is not done at a desk.
it's done sitting on sofas or in this case standing up, by girls using i-pads.

by the way, see the background on the right hand side ?
it was a very strange art installation. i'll show you some photos
of it in a week or so ( when i finally catch up with my blog folder )

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