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Thursday, 27 September 2012

self-portrait in ec2

by now you must know me pretty well.

things i like are these:
trainers, coffee, postcodes, the colour orange, wood, chips and...

...self-portraits ( mainly looking moody in self-portraits )

whenever i'm on a shoot, i always try to find time to shoot a self-portrait.

one day last week i had a shoot in ec2.
it was a crispy morning in n7 when i left whitfield towers.
i actually had a shoot before this one ( see self-portrait in wc1 )
and as you can see, i wore a long sleeve black top by a bathing ape.

it turned out to be a schoolboy error. about an hour after i left, the weather became
warmer and warmer and by the time i was on this shoot i was...
( insert john terry / notting hill carnival gag here )

what i'm saying is... there's a change in the weather eh ?


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