snapshots and observations

Monday, 11 February 2013

building site

i have a shoot this friday at a new place in the west end.
last friday i went along to have a look at the place.

to me it looked like a building site.
it was certainly full of builders sitting down drinking tea and smoking.

i took a few photos to show how a place can change in 7 days.
hopefully this time next week i'll have some 'after' photos to go
with these 'before' shots

this is a rare shot of some chairs without builders sitting on them.
the one on the left is pretty flashy isn't it ?
nice table too.

i don't suppose this is staying. an old standard lamp with an orange shade.

while some stuff there was obviously old and to be kicked out, other
things were brand new and waiting to be installed.
like this la marzocco coffee machine.

this is like a porno mag for a builder.

in fairness, this mains extension is in better condition than the one in my 
lighting case.

that's going to need fixing.

what do you reckon ?
for the coffee machine ?
no... maybe just for the water... or the dishwasher ?
pedro, you're a plumber and all that. what are these for ?
( and don't charge me for the answer )

i know this one. it's a b.n.c. right ?

oh yes.
an orange case.
no idea what it's for but it's a good one isn't it ?

saving the best for last.
my friend m1 has three girls working for him. this is one of them.
i mentioned to her on friday that it's like charlie's angels.
m1 is charlie and she's one of the angels.
she said something along the lines of 
"i never thought of it like that, but you're right"
( but in an italian accent )

obviously it's now going to be a challenge of mine to have my photo
taken with all of m1's angels.

i'm going to call this one 'angel a'
hopefully she will be there on friday and we can recreate this shot but with a
nice background, some decent furniture and perhaps even a cheeky coffee.


  1. no 9...the orange 'paslode' case will be housing a construction drill or fixing tool. i recruit for the comapany that own that brand called itw. im sure you have given up now but 1.5 and 1 are nearly done.

    1. I haven't given up at all. I can't wait.