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Thursday, 14 February 2013

new business cards

i'm in the process of getting some new business cards made at the moment.

it's been a while since i had any new ones made so i have had quite a lot of 
images to choose from and it's been quite a long process deciding which
photos of mine to get made into cards, and also which size of card.

when i receive them from the printers i will show them to you and of
course any feedback is most welcome.

until then, here are some images i considered but ultimately decided were
not quite right for business cards.

i shoot a lot of interiors.
i wanted an image to be made into a postcard size, which showed that i do interiors.
i like this frame very much. it's not immediately recognisable unlike my present
interiors postcard... but in the end i decided not to go with this one.

i thought about having this made into a postcard too.
i shoot a lot of portraits and i've had my present portrait card for a few years now.
however the model on my present card is a very well known model wearing a
matthew williamson dress.
this photo, though i like it very much, is one of my assistant g-fog
not wearing anything particularly stunning.
so even though i like the shot, i binned the idea of using it.

hmmm... i thought this would make a nice card to show i shoot interiors.
but then it doesn't show much of an interior.
i like the simplicity of this image. maybe i should have used it.
but i didn't.

i like this one.
but is there too much wasted space.
is the interior of the bar too small in the frame ?
in the end i decided it was.

this is nice. it shows i do interiors and also it's kind of a portrait shot.
in the end i decided the girl on the left looked a bit awkward.
maybe if it was just the other girl, or then again if the girl on the left was in a 
different pose ?

i shoot a lot of food.
however having just one image to portray food can be a bit tricky. the one i have
at the moment is a beauty but finding a replacement was proving tricky.
sometimes i think it's best to go to an extreme, for instance an old card of mine
was a close up of a portion of chips.
( albeit the chips voted best chips in london by tatler )
i thought these potato smiles at a food market in beijing might be the answer.

but then again they didn't seem quite right so i discarded this one.

perhaps just an image with my details on the back would be an idea ?
this is a birds-eye view of some erasers which i took during design junction
last september.
i mean i took the photo, not that i took the erasers...
i like this shot, and i love orange, but i decided it wasn't quite right.

how about this to show i photograph food ?
it's a simple enough image.

no, me neither.

once again, just an image.
would this be any good ?


this shot very, very nearly made it.
i really love this photo.
as well as loving the photo i like that it shows i photograph restaurants.
it has people in it, it kind of has something going on.
the waitresses folding napkins and laughing with me
( not at me right ? )
i thought this would make a cracking business card, either as postcard size or
as standard business card size.

what do you reckon ?

i thought about this briefly.
i like it, but could i really hand this card out at the savoy or the cafe royale ?

remember this shot ?
it's one that i gave to an auction last year and it sold for a load of cash.
i thought it would make a blinding card but then i found a similar-ish shot
that i liked even more and had that one made instead.

to be honest i hardly gave this one much thought. i like the bear but not with a 'k'

i very much like this shot. 
the coffee shop is very famous and i suppose it shows that i travel the world with my photography... but no... not quite right.

i thought this would make a great card.
it's nice and simple.
chips and curry sauce... very me.
also it was taken in a pub in london called "the warrington"
but what put me off was that the bowl had curry lines on it... do you know
what i mean ? the curry had swilled around when it was delivered to me.

so no dice.

i love scotch eggs. they're quite fashionable too.
but when i looked closely at this shot...
the thing is a bit too pink isn't it ?

this would make a nice simple card. it would work small too.
but though it's ok, it's not much of a photo is it ?
i could hardly say "i'm a photographer, here's my card"
and hand over a photo of a fishing lure with the hooks removed.

and finally.
i thought this might show i travel a bit. it loosely shows food or cooking.
but no.

not for me.

so what do you think ? was i correct to can all the above images ?
do you think any of them would have made nice cards ?

i'll show you what i did get made in a couple of weeks hopefully.

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  1. I think in no.10 you should have asked the middle waitress for her number! (sorry Mrs W!)