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Friday, 8 February 2013

my heart

is my heart not really in this blog these days ?
it would appear not.

another hastily cobbled together effort today.
i will try harder next week.

for now though, let's begin with another coffee spoon.
sadly, it's another iphone photo. next week no iphone photos... that's my aim.
this spoon was interesting. i liked the hole bit. what's that about ?

oh no... more birthday news. a while after my birthday i returned a gift
to gucci and i swapped it for this really excellent belt.
regular readers may recall that i've been after a decent gucci belt for years now.

i've been through three that had to be returned because they didn't work
( don't ask )
and i have another which works for a while
( don't ask )
but now i have this real corker, which in my opinion looks good and most
importantly, it actually does the job.

new trainers ? yes... i do have some new trainers thank-you.
converse year of the snake edition pro-leather.
it's a long story with these, and without trying to sound too show-offy
which seriously is something i try not to be...

well, there are only two pairs of these in the uk.
i believe they will be on general release here in about 4 weeks
but until then only myself and one other person will be wearing them.

as you can probably guess, i am going to bore you with an in-depth look at
these bad boys next week.

they are a friends and family edition so wait until you see the packaging.
even if you don't like trainers you will be impressed.

have a good weekend everybody.
i'll be posting tomorrow and on sunday so please drop by.

next week though... next week the blog starts properly

( er, you said about a week ago - ed )

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