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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

some photos

last saturday's game against stoke city was the worst arsenal game i've
seen in a long time. 
no wonder i was in an even more miserable than usual mood when gooner
jeff took me to the regular spot for my traditional post-match iphone portrait.
as you can see, i pretty much wear the same kit each week in the winter.
the only difference today was that i was wearing a prada wooly hat.

next game i will mix it up a little by wearing a new hat which arrived
at whitfield towers yesterday.
a black bape beanie

as ever, the little details are spot-on with bape
nothing too fancy. just the simple ape-head logo

maybe i'll wear some new trainers too ?
these would go nicely with my new black hat and black destroyer jacket.
medicom x nike lunarforce 1's
like the lovikka converse i showed the other day, these deserve an in-depth look too.

i'm feeling a trainer-heavy post coming soon.

to get away from trainers and on to my other favourite subject ( apart from me )
i have been noticing a lot of very fancy coffee spoons recently.
this one was at no.114 in w1

i feel a cheap series coming on here so i will be showing you more coffee spoons
over the next few days...

hello... are you still there ?

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  1. bring on the coffee spoons! the chinese padlock series was awesome but that was ages ago.