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Friday, 22 February 2013

iphone friday

though i try not to use my iphone camera much, there are times when it's 
the only way.

so i reckon from now on i'll do an iphone friday post and show you a few shoddy 
phone pics from my week.

let's go.

what can i say ?
sadly this was in n7.

i don't know...
perhaps there was method in the madness of the dog owner.
perhaps it was safer to leave it in the phone box rather than tie the creature
up outside the shop where he could potentially...

any thoughts ?

as if the price of an arsenal season ticket isn't lumpy enough,
my friend dd always buys a match day programme as well.
i guess it's something to read while those idiots are trying to play football
on the pitch.
on a side note... those two blokes behind him.
what are they looking at ?

i think the bryan ( sic ) munich fans were having a barbecue just before kick-off.
i won't lie... i'm not a fan of any german team but hats off... they did play well.
or perhaps they played satisfactorily ( leave it ) and arsenal were just poor ?

ten minutes before half-time and the tie was effectively over.
so i decided to beat the queue and grab some food.
i think these were described as chicken goujons.

for the benefit of m1, this is where my seat is...
into the stadium at gate 'd' and then through entrance 7.
it's quite well signposted eh ?

after the game i had gooner jeff shoot my traditional portrait.

some kit for a little shoot in w1 on wednesday.
orange, camo, union jack.
it's all good.

stuff i carry.
camo and orange.
good stuff.

my friend dd's son came to do some work experience with me one day.
after the shoot i took him to the millennium for a spot of late breakfast.
as you can see, the boy made a few errors with his breakfast choice but
he'll learn.

new season's releases at supreme just happens to coincide with half-term.

just around the corner from supreme i met with the boss for a coffee.
i photographed my flat white, of course.

the boss had a new phone and joined me for a little flat white photography
before we chatted about business cards, stickers, sleep and the colour orange.
it was a good chat.

when i got back to my jam jar i noted that one of those smart cars had joined me
in my parking space. cheeky !

a little while later i had another flat white at a sock club meeting.

the bloke next to me was wearing stüssy pro leathers.
i'm pretty sure there were only 75 pairs of these released worldwide.

i could see that that he was wearing stussy socks too.

i should go now before i start rambling on about socks right ?

have a good weekend.

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