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Monday, 18 February 2013

m1's angels

remember a week ago when i posted a photo of myself with one of
m1's angels ?
the last photo on the following link:

well a couple of days ago i returned to photograph the finished venue.

unfortunately i couldn't recreate the previous week's shot as there were
now tables and chairs in the place where we stood.

instead i did the promised shot with angel 'a' upstairs.
not bad.

i then took the opportunity to bring misery to another part of the venue.
by now angel 'a' was getting the hang of posing with me
and we were beginning to look like a team.

bonus !
angel 'n' decided to join us on the sofa of shame.
like charlie, my friend m1 has three angels working for him.

wouldn't it be good if i had my photo taken with all three of them
in the same frame ?

challenge accepted !

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