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Sunday, 3 February 2013

interiors and memories

i think that this year i should try to show more photos that i take
for a living rather than just photos of my coffees and trainers.

i shoot a lot of interiors. mainly restaurants.
so over the next few weeks i'm going to publish some restaurant interiors
 and accompany them with any memories i have from the shoots.

naturally my memories will mainly consist of recollecting if they
made me a coffee or not, but you never know... i may remember other things.

the chef at this place is a genius.
also this is one of the few restaurants where i've actually eaten.

unfortunately i wasn't allowed to do any really wide shots here as the interior
wasn't quite finished but i hope you get a feel for it from this.

this place was full of really nice friendly people...
but they didn't make me a coffee.

luckily enough one of the best coffee shops in london is just opposite.

south london.
no coffee.

i think this place got a bad review.
i photographed it the day after i got back from italy.
all the staff were italian except the manager was spanish.
they didn't offer me a coffee and the area is a coffee black-spot.

i like the look of this place,
it's right next door to the first photo in this post by the way.
there's a really great coffee shop about two minutes away.

i liked this place.
they fed me burger and chips and gave me a coffee.
the manager was from wales.
the barman was that rarest of men. he was australian but he never 
once said to me how much better everything is in australia.

this was in york. i do like  a road trip.
the first thing the manager said to me was
"do you want a coffee our kid ?"

no coffee for me here.
over the years i reckon i've photographed this place 6 times.

i travelled by bus to this place ( no.43 )
they gave me a very nice coffee.
i remember it being really hot here too.

this was in what i call 'the sticks'
i ate here afterwards. curried scallops for starter.
oh and they gave me a coffee before the shoot.
i went on a little walk afterwards and saw a field full of turkeys
( it was late november )

it's daaaarrrk.
i think this was vietnamese but all the staff were eastern european.
they made me a coffee which i accepted even though i'd just met the 
boss for a coffee in soho 30 minutes previously.
oh and it rained on me when i left this place.

it's daaaarrrk
they were having teething problems with the lights.
this shoot was a nightmare but the chef here is a top bloke.

what do i remember about this shoot ?
it was a nice room.
they didn't offer me a coffee.
the p.r. girl had really nice coloured hair.

more of my riveting memories from restaurant shoots to come soon.

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  1. they are all such impressive photos - if i had a restaurant i would only be asking one person to photograph it...