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Thursday, 7 February 2013


disappointing coffee spoon ( iphone pic ) today
but don't worry, there's a belter to come tomorrow

i got a new passport a few months ago. shame really.
i used to love the photo in my old one.
it used to let passport control know straight away what they were letting into their country.
pure british misery.

do you like the plastic room keys you get in hotels ?
as you can see, i do. 
sometimes i like them too much to hand back.

if i had to rate these hotels in order  i would say:
opposite house
the puli
the pelican
the metropolitan
the hudson
hotel missoni
mandarin oriental
whatever the other one is... some place in hong kong

i bought this in thailand.
at bangkok airport.
in boots.
i wonder what it is ?
does anybody out there speak thai ?
if i had to guess, i'd say cough sweets, or headache tablets.

more trainers ?
black digi camo nike lunar force 1's.
the material is 3m too.

perhaps i'll give them a special in depth blog post to show you ?

more nonsense tomorrow.

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  1. woah there just a minute!

    place of birth: warrington?

    that's not in wales! ;-)