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Thursday, 21 February 2013


oh come on... what did you really expect to happen after i took the 'y' away ?

the answer is...

right ?

i also had a play with trying to recreate the supreme box logo
but the end results were not so good.

i couldn't get the font to be the right size as supreme use. these are too skinny
and the bolder versions were too bold.

one more quiz question then, and by now you should know what i'm getting
at here.

what do you think i did with this logo
hmmm... how could i improve this logo ?

the predictable answer will be posted here tomorrow.

i should also show a photo or two shouldn't i ?

another day another flat white ?
this was at wild and coffee in wc1.
it's been well established that this is my favourite coffee shop in town.

another day another pair of glories ?
from a few years back. maybe 2009 ?
nike air force 1 savage beasts.
pony hair upper with pony hair midsoles and canvas swoosh.

not bad.

1 comment:

  1. The Supreme logo is FuturaStd HeavyOblique… although they altered the letters slightly (as you normally do when creating a simple wordmark like this)