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Sunday, 24 February 2013

sunday stuff

the other week i was at home and took a few snaps of things i wanted to show 
to you. it seemed like a good idea at the time. they are just a few things
i thought were kind of interesting, but now i'm not too sure.

maybe it will bore you too much to show them all in one post so i'll spread 
them out a little over the next few days and mix them in with other stuff.

for instance i really wanted to show you this little bag i was given on
the flight home from bangkok in january.
ordinarily on flights i'd get given an eye mask or a pair of socks.
on eva air i was given this decent bag

bulgari branded too
obviously if it was my airline the bag would not have been brown.
it would have been in a camo pattern with orange trim.

but until my plans for a boutique airline take off (leave it )
this bag will do nicely.
i like the hook thing, but mmmm... imagine if the bag was in a dark green camo
and the lining was in orange. green netting but orange interior.

oh and there was some stuff inside it of course
although it looked quite interesting, and it was better than nothing...

some perfume stuff, eye creme, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush and
one of those efforts for getting fluffy bits of your jumper.
when i get my airline up and running... even up and flying
my camo flight bags will contain a little can of beer, a twix,
a usb stick with some photos of me on it, a bape key-ring,
and one of those pens... you know, the ones that have a photo of
a woman inside them and when you hold the pen up, her clothes fall off.

after the in-flight meal of fish and chips, chicken fried rice, curry sauce and chips,
or if you're a vegetarian... nothing.
i would have a team of highly trained baristas offer flat whites all round,
then a team of pole dancing flight attendants would bring around slices of 
lemon drizzle cake and macaroons.

afterwards while you were just at the most exciting part of your in-flight
movie, it will be interrupted with the announcements that toothbrushes 
and toothpaste are for sale at £20 a pop.

what ?

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