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Friday, 15 February 2013

the road to nn12

on tuesday i had a road trip to nn12.

it was a good drive although it was pretty snowy on the roads.

as ever when i'm about to photograph a nice restaurant, i start thinking
about food on the journey and especially on a road trip... especially when 
i'm driving down an a-road i get a bit hank marvin.

then it's just a matter of keeping an eye out for a union jack flying proudly 
above a caravan or trailer and boom !
i pull over and park up amongst the truck drivers in my little fiat 500

sadly i had to report this place to the authorities afterwards...
not for hygiene reasons, no... it was as clean as a whistle.
it was because they were flying the union jack upside down.
grrr !

i spent three times my friend benito's daily budget on this bad boy
a bacon, sausage and fried egg sandwich ( with brown sauce )
i won't lie...
it hit the spot.

an hour later i was in deepest nn12 
for those interested, the details are:
t-shirt by a bathing ape
cashmere long sleeve top by marc jacobs
no. 3 jeans by evisu
kangaroo leather montreals by adidas x oki-ni

as ever i got a bit lost on the way home... but that's another story.

more nonsense tomorrow.

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