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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

year of the snake tease

last week i received a very interesting and heavy gift
from a friend of mine who works for converse

let's open up the box to see what's inside
oh my word.

a perspex shoe box with a red silk drawstring bag inside
a red elasticated band held the lid in place.
on the band is a black leather patch.

inside the bag inside the box is...

oh, i'll show you tomorrow.

in the meantime have a look, another day another flat white
this one was at number 26.

oh and look at this. i meant to show you this when i came back from thailand
it's a brown paper bag that my starter came in when i had a meal on my birthday.
the starter was called 'canned tuna fish sandwich'
guess what it was ?

that's right, it was literally a tuna fish sandwich that had been placed in a tuna
can and delivered to my table in a paper bag.

of course there was more to it that that, the sandwich was hot and it was a 
genius tuna fish sandwich at that.

pity i don't have any photos of it but it was a meal at night in the open air and the only illumination was the moon and the stars above and a little candle on the table.

oh, one last thing, look what i was given last friday in an under the table deal
in my favourite coffee shop ( wild and coffee )
product !

i'll be using this like a champion from now on.

thanks to mr wahl for these.

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