snapshots and observations

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

yet another birthday present

remember early in the new year when i went to sw9 for a shoot ?

well between the shoot location and the tube station i saw something in a shop window
which was absolute genius.
no, not my reflection... something even better.

fast forward a month and i have a meeting in a coffee shop in wc1 and the person
who came to meet me handed me a bag full of goodies.

( he didn't say they were for my birthday but basically anything which comes
my way three months either side of january 13th i count as a birthday present )

and in the bag was the very same item i saw in the sw9 shop window a
few weeks earlier. 
outstanding !

wahl clippers.

not only are they the professional versions but they are a limited edition too...
a union jack limited edition !
outstanding !

can't wait to give these bad boys a go on my barnet
many thanks to mr wahl for these.

and as a teaser for tomorrow's post.
what do you think is happening here ?
what could i possibly be up to to after removing the "y" ?

all will be predictably revealed tomorrow.