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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

late birthday presents

did i mention it was my birthday on january 13th ?

when i got home there was a package waiting for me.
inside was this box
i know i mentioned this before but i think i only showed an iphone pic.

in the box was this bad boy
a harris tweed eye mask.
it's padded with lavender 
so on my next flight, any nans on board will be driven wild.

the back of it... the bit that touches your mince pies, is velvet.
it also has velvet ties and silk trimmings...

but the harris tweed !

a few days after i returned to n7, another package arrived for me
a birthday bundle from hereford ( wherever that is )
postcards, stickers ( yes m1... stickers ) a nifty bottle opener / stopper
and best of all, moonrise kingdom on dvd.

more about moonrise kingdom at a later date.

a day or two after the package from hereford, the postman delivered
a package from california ( wherever that is )
sweet !

inside the box
a really genius business card holder made from the softest most buttery leather.
courtesy of those fine people at ( multee ) project
i know i always say trust me, but trust me...
this is quality, you need one of these.

ordinarily the stitching is in white.
but guess what ?
 this one is a special friends and family edition in black / black.

well that's all from my birthday for this year, big thanks for all the
cards and messages and an especially big thank-you to the three people
who sent me the gifts shown here... sam, alan and brian.

right, that's it... no more birthday talk.

wait a minute... is that the postman ?

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