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Monday, 25 February 2013

michael jordan

it was michael jordan's 50th birthday last week.
that's the thing with this blog. it's hard to please everybody.

some people love it when i talk about trainers. others hate it and like
to know about photography or restaurants.
some people ask me coffee advice, others moan when i post so much about coffee.

so i know some people will say "mike's birthday was two weeks ago"
while others will say "michael who?"

i took this photo of a little thing which came attached to a pair of air jordans
i bought last year.
i wanted to show this to say happy birthday ( but it's a bit late now )
but also to mention how michael jordan changed basketball and brought it to the masses.

when i was a kid nobody in england seemed to know about basketball or could name
any players. now basketball is worldwide and kids in england all know mike.
the first team they will name is the chicago bulls and they all know the jumpman symbol.

i've seen kids in mongolia, belize, chile, samoa and borneo all wearing michael jordan
related pieces, sometimes it is a pair of air jordans other times it's a chicago bulls
shirt or cap.
it's funny isn't it ? how one man changed a sport. 
but he also changed more than a sport, he changed the way people think about
footwear and sportswear. 
would nike be where they are now if mike had signed for adidas ?

obviously i'm rambling but i bet there are a lot of people out there who don't
play or watch basketball, don't buy any jordan related items but you'll know the name.
you'll have seen the jumpman symbol or kids wearing the number 23.

see, even the number 23. it was just a number before, now you see 23
and it's mike's number.

i know. too many words, not enough photos today.

normal service will resume tomorrow.

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  1. Great post! He extended the sport of basket ball to places he never even thought he could, but the most significant thing I believe he accomplished was the way in which people persevere to win or succeed. This travels into every facet from being the best student, to being the best coffee maker or accountant. This inspiration/motivation to be the "Greatest" at what ever you do is what really trancends his days in basket ball and lives each individuals perfection of craft. Too much? Maybe. But it's what I take from his career as a competitor, creator, and business man.