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Saturday, 9 February 2013

iphone pics

right. that does it.
no more iphone pics.
i think the reason i've been getting a bit meh with my blog is that i have
been using too many iphone pics.

from now on i will only use proper cameras and hopefully this blog
will have decent photos to accompany my ramblings.

so, let me get rid of all the iphone pics i have stored in my blog folder 
in this one post.

c is for cookie.
cookie monster's first solo album after the split.

damn dirty iphone !
i was so proud of myself wearing proper trousers that i thought i'd share a pic.

on a shoot the other morning, the chef offered me a sausage.
game on.

grrr !
another great coffee spoon, but it's a rubbish photo.
i think it was seeing this photo that made me decide to kick the phone 
camera into touch.

the other end... the business end if you like, of the previous spoon.

same coffee shop the next day. great spoon, pony photo.

some t-shirts i bought this week.
a pack of 3 pre-shrunk bathing ape 100% cotton tees.
with an illustration of gareth bale on the packaging.

1 comment:

  1. pic 3 - that's not cooked...

    pic 1 - i have an album cover you have to see - will mail an iphone photo of it to you...