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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

a few pics from beijing using my new camera

i debuted a new camera when i was in beijing
a fuji xe1.

i think this was the first frame i took with it.
the subject is a perspex sheet with writing on it explaining about the art 
on display in the hotel lobby.
i think i showed you some of the art on display already, but if not then i think 
there are some more pics of it to come

here's one
the lens i used was a 35mm f1.4
but it plays on the xe1 body as a 50mm f1.4

here's another piece 
i thought i'd shown you this photo before,
but my memory is shocking these days.

here's a view down onto the lobby as i was waiting for the lift
i thought it would be a great shot if somebody interesting walked by.
but although i did this shot almost every time i took the lift,
i never really saw anybody walking by.

apart from food and drink i only bought three things in beijing.
here are two of them
little rubber bracelets to show support for the local football team.
i think they were £1 for two but the blokes on the market stall cracked up
laughing when i paid so they were probably meant to be 10p for two or something.

i did bring these home with me from beijing.
four pairs of chups socks.
but i didn't actually buy them.
they were in fact couriered over to my hotel from a friend in shanghai.

that's right, he couriered socks from shanghai to beijing for me.
( it's a long story )

oh look
hmmm... two hotel staff members walking by.

oh look
remember my former assistant, robo-cat ?

oh, ok... i need to hang my head in shame a little.
i was only in beijing for a few days but i didn't eat any chinese food at all.
here's my meal on saturday evening.
curly fries with chilli and cheese.

and to drink
a bottle of tsingtao.

oh and here's a photo of my waitress
what ?

delightfully tacky, yet unrefined...
coincidentally that's the same motto that appears on my friend
elvis's family coat of arms.

what ?
my blog my rules.

more art in the hotel lobby
and look at all those little boxes.
how fetch !

i was rocking my htm flyknits
probably the most comfortable shoes i own.
which is one reason i like them a lot.
the other reason is that they look like something my nan knitted.

oh hello.
a cleaner.

room 605 at the opposite house.
that's where i left finalhome.

take a look at this joker
kicking around the hotel lobby wearing a snakeskin trilby, a blazer
and some knitted three quarter length trousers with elasticated trim.

but can you see what else he's wearing ?
 that's right...

what the what ?!
he was walking around the hotel lobby wearing football boots !

is there any chance ?

more tomorrow...

football boots !


  1. how do you like your new camera?

    1. two enthusiastic thumbs up from n7.

  2. at risk of boring the normal readers (apart from tran), i'd be interested to hear what you think of the xe-1. i bought one a few weeks ago; just waiting for an 18-55 zoom to arrive so i can use it.

    1. i rate it don.

      i only have the one lens but it's a gem.

      the camera and lens combo is very useful and it's an easier to use camera than the x100 that's for sure.

      i think there's a 60mm macro lens coming out soon too.

      let me know what you think when you've had a go.

  3. "at risk of boring the normal readers..."

    that's the boss's job!