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Monday, 20 May 2013

just some stuff

it's been a while since i showed you some glorias.

how about these ?
not just your regular converse chuck taylor all stars.

can you see the differences ?

these are the 70's style chucks.

it's a long story but the differences are there.

and for those who think i've forgotten my roots...
boom !

how do you like me now ?
all star 09's by dj clark kent.
leather mid, gum out.
3m laces.

possibly the scariest drive i've ever done, to get to the most beautiful old hotel
on a rare sunny april morning. fantastic.

some sort of table detail in the restaurant at the above joint
salt 'n' pepa
p-push it real good...

oh ok. while i've mentioned converse and nike, why not bring back adidas ?
adidas x bape x undefeated.
red, white and blue plus camo.
that's a win-win right there.

ok, am i back from china yet ?

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