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Friday, 10 May 2013

iphone friday

i like fridays.

it's the beginning of the weekend.

indian take-away night.

plus i don't have to think much about my blog.
i just slap on a few iphone pics.

so, here goes...

from my trip to cerne abbas. i couldn't get a decent shot of the chalk giant
so i had to make do with this photo of a sign in the village centre.

this was when i had a coffee with the boss last week.
having a chat with the boss is hard work for me. i start telling stories then
realise half-way through that they have no punchline.
sorry the boss.

part of the menu from a restaurant i went to last week.
i try not to slate things on my blog but i would have to say if you're ever in 
nw1 and fancy a meal where the ...
you know what, i can hardly be bothered naming and shaming the place
but if you ever sit down for a meal in a strange looking restaurant, look at the menu 
and you see this...

just get up and walk out.

sock club meeting at no.26 last friday

with the cold hearted stare of a killer.
with no remorse.
finalhome boxes up his own brother before sending him away from n7.

for good.

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