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Thursday, 9 May 2013


i have so much to tell you about and show photos from...

my visit to jane austen's house ( 3rd visit in 3 years )

my trip to the london coffee festival ( 2nd year on the bounce )

but today. well, this week in fact, i am snowed under in editing and it's 
going to be cheap posts all the way to iphone friday.

so let's see what's in my blog folder that i can fob you off with.

especially for credit and sam. it's back to af-1's today.
there's a long story about these.
nike released a three shoe pack last month ( i mean three pairs of shoes )
a new york edition which were kind of blue with pinstripes.
i suppose the pinstripes represented the new york yankees.

there was a milan edition which was kind of luxurious and fashiony.
i don't know much about milan but i guess it was fair enough.

the third of the pack if you haven't guessed the punchline already was 
a london edition. 
that's right. the shoes above are a london edition.

somebody at nike after presumably giving it a lot of thought and research.
after going through lots of meetings and getting the designs approved and
signed off, thought that the city of london was best represented by a tartan

if anybody can shine some light on this thinking i'd appreciate it.

this was a self-portrait in w1 last week.
it was the craziest and funniest shoot i can remember.
not a happy funny. more of a "i can't believe this is happening" funny.
maybe 'strange' is a better word.

as i touched on last week, it's a long story and actually involves a rated
( by himself ) footballer and a 'famous' danish actress.

i was my usual cheerful self throughout the ordeal shoot, as you can see.

the details:
polo shirt by aape
jeans by hiut
stash af-1's by nike
breakfast finished by 11am ( shyeah right )

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