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Saturday, 18 May 2013

black and white saturday

black and white iphone saturday.

it's a double cheap post.

some tongue tabs i cut off a pair of trainers last week.
i'll show you the shoes when i photograph them properly
and you will see why i cut off the tongue tabs.

doing a stock take of my hair product last week threw up some interesting points.
it appears that there is a thief in whitfield towers as my tin of green dax
strong hold is missing.
the police have been informed.

new belt alert !
i picked this bad boy up from supreme last black and white saturday.

an italian p.r. girl on a shoot with me wearing the trainers that converse forgot.

and finally...
my last ever game as an arsenal season ticket holder ended prematurely
when i left the ground with 25 minutes of the game remaining.
( it's a long story )

on the way home i spotted some policemen and horses getting ready for the end 
of game crowds. the happy arsenal fans and the unhappy wigan fans.

thanks to arsenal for two years of quite rubbish football. seriously. 
oh in fairness i saw a few good games. i think both games against spurs
ended 5-2, maybe even 5-3. 
i saw arsenal batter 10 man blackburn last season and 10 man newcastle this season.

my favourite game was when swansea came to the emirates this season
and when wigan came last season.

oh and the pies... the pies were good.

back to colour tomorrow.

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