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Thursday, 30 May 2013

korean magazine interview at whitfield towers

did i mention i was interviewed for a korean magazine a few weeks ago ?

true story.

a couple of journalists and a photographer made their way over to n7
to listen to my long stories and to try and take photos of me smiling.

luckily for my blog, i had my very own photographer to record the event.
( thanks to la niña for having my back and for the excellent pics )

this was my least favourite, least comfortable part of the afternoon.
being asked to sit and smile. posing for photos is not really my thing.

look how miserable and uncomfortable i am.

oh well. at least somebody was enjoying it.

check out my hand gestures.
as the boss knows only too well, when i sit like that and start gesturing with my hands
i'm telling a long story that will have no punch-line.

this is probably 5 minutes later and i'm still telling the same tale,
going off at tangents.

even la niña was getting bored and started trying to find some arty angles.
not bad at all.

the korean photographer goes about her business while i keep
the journalists on the edge of their seats.

then again, look at the body language here.
they are leaning forward, hanging onto my every word.
perhaps in the hope that i will one day finish my story.

ok, now they're getting bored. looking at each other and whispering in korean.

i've no idea what i was talking about here.
maybe my love of coffee ? my ideas for sock design ? my collection of hair product.
who knows ?

then as suddenly as my story began...
it ended.
sighs all around and i learned the korean for "is that it ?"
and "was there any point to that story ?"

oh hello.
i did take one photo myself.
i wonder if this is the pic they will use in their magazine ?
the one the photographer is taking here.
one of me with a camera in front of my face ?

oh right, i remember... i took this pic before handing over my camera to 
la niña for the predictable finale to this post.

this is when i said they should watch me for posing tips.

and finally.

i've got to say a big thank-you to the korean girls. it was quite a pleasant 
way to spend a couple of hours and i can't wait to see the published article.

will somebody photoshop a smile onto my face ?
will somebody re-write my words to include a punch-line ?

keep checking back here and i'll show you in a month or so.

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