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Thursday, 23 May 2013

beijing girls

on sunday i photographed some girls jumping outside my hotel in beijing.
pity about the girl in black right ?

so i did another frame
pity about the girl on the left.
and the girl in black's hair

so, take three
pity about the girl in black's hair, 
the second girl being on the ground
and the first girl too... plus her stockings are coming down.

i asked the girl in black to do one solo jump
not bad.

later i decided the best thing to do was this
take the first frame where three of the girls gave their best jumps
and to remove the girl in black.

then drop in the girl in black from the second frame
but using her face and neck from her solo jump.

i might do another version where they appear to be higher in the air.

oh i did have another idea too.
obviously a shot of me and the girl in black.
so i gave my camera to one of the others and posed up...
what the what ?!
in fairness she owned up that she was having a nightmare and handed my camera
to one of the other girls for take two...

better but i don't like that she caught me so smiley.
also i don't appreciate the crop. she should have really stepped back a few feet
and... moan, moan, etc etc...

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