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Friday, 31 May 2013

fifty shades of orange ( plus some other stuff )

there's a search bar at the bottom of the page.

if you search for "orange" you'll
see that it is my favourite colour.

i have lots of orange things already as you can see from doing a search
but recently a few more items have been delivered to whitfield towers.

that's right... i have been receiving orange items through the post.

first of all, maybe a month ago this turned up
hmmm... not the best angle to have photographed it from.
it's orange coloured gaffa tape.
or jaffa tape.
genius !

a week or so later another envelope arrived
check out the details.
all the writing was in lower case and using orange ink.
genius !

and inside the envelope
that's right !

an orange plastic back cover for my wahl clippers
skill !

a few weeks later a third package turned up in n7
also with orange lower case writing and sealed with jaffa tape.

and inside... boom !
an orange espresso cup. pantone 1505

so there you have it. project fiftyshadesoforange is well and truly on the way.

a big, big thank-you to the general for these.
you know i don't like to use real names here... nicknames only.
i don't actually have a nickname for the bloke in question, but the general is 
kind of apt.

if anybody else wants to send something nice and orange to me, as my birthday
extravaganza proved, you know only too well that i like receiving things through the post.

no iphone pics today but let me throw in a few bonus things on top of the 
fiftyshadesoforange feature.

a flat white which i consumed at a sock club meeting the other week.
( i need to talk to you about sock club )

a self-portrait in beijing with my orange ursine companion who is still
missing in action.

a video for friday.
one of my favourite old songs reworked by gil scott-heron.
new york city, skateboards and a quick glimpse of a llama.
what's not to like ?

have a good weekend.

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